Pure Water works with communities around the world who have little access to resources, except for their own intelligence, resilience, initiative, labor, generosity, & caring. By sharing our knowledge & providing training to ensure clean water, we help to end a culture of dependency, enabling people and communities to take charge of their lives.

We teach people to fabricate, distribute, install, and maintain BioSand Water Filters. BioSand Filters are a low-cost, locally implemented technology that are proven to remove bacteria, viruses, protozoa, amoebae, worms, and heavy metals from the water supply.

By teaching people to build and install BioSand Water Filters, combined with community sanitation and hygiene education, we can reduce and ultimately remove the threat of cholera, typhoid, bacterial dysentery, Rotavirus, hepatitis A, cryptosporidiosis, and other waterborne illnesses.

We are also working with communities to explore approaches to rainwater catchment, hygiene stations, soap making, spring and water source protection, and simple pump repair.

In all of our work, we encourage the development of self-reliant, self-sustaining small businesses and democratically managed, community-based cooperatives and enterprises.

How Bio-Sand Water Filters Work.

1.  Lid- Tightly fitting lid prevents contamination & unwanted pests.

2.  Diffuser- Prevents disturbing the filtration sand layer & protects the bio-layer when water is poured into the filter.

3.  Filtration Sand Layer- Removes pathogens & suspended solids.

4.  Outlet Tube- Required to conduct water from the base to the outside of the filter.

5.  Filter Body- Holds the sand & gravel layers.

6.  Separating Gravel Layer- Supports the filtration sand & prevents it from going into the drainage layer & outlet tube.

7.  Drainage Gravel Layer- Supports the separating gravel layer & helps water to flow into the outlet tube.